Special "Glitter Effect"
The walls are done in a two color fade, with a special theater style glitter product that really gives this area a party atmosphere. This painted texture took just a few days to complete and really helps transform this room into a fun place to hang out.

This is a recreation room we recently did for Miami Dolphin number 23 Patrick Surtain. Patrick is tough on receivers but he is a sweetheart to work for. He had a great deal of input on the look of this room because this is where he unwinds after a hard day of practice. The motif fits nicely with the color matched pool table and arcade video games, yet still maintains the high end feel of the rest of this impressive house. Patrick's wife with a keen design sense, has created a showplace of a home. Her input was also very important and at the end of the job, she was very happy with the room as well.

This is a small .mpg movie clip of the finished room.

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