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Faux Textures, Mural Artist, Stucco, Sculptor, Prop Maker, Painter and Sign Painter with 20 years experience interiors and exteriors, commercial and residential. Movies, TV, Commercials, Trade Shows and Theater.


Jeff Gale Artisan CraftsmanSign painting vinyl fabrication, cut out logos, letters, neon, channel and sculpture and large props.
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Serving Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach. Extensive experience in theatrical props, faux painting, sculpture, murals.

Lebron James Powerade Commercial

Wrestlemania Statue of Liberty

Univision Network Faux Brick

Dwyane Wade Gatorade Ad

Latin Grammy Rose Sculpture

Strawberry Props Florida Fresh

Evian Water Commercial

Fake Ice DJ Stand

Prop Guitars Theater Set

Styrofoam Tree Prop

Marley Lion Styrofoam Sculpture

Auto Show Display

Pirate Ship

50' Sky Drop painted for a TV commercial in Miami Beach

25' Butterfly mural painted on scrim for sun shade on a house

Stucco process applied to drywall in combination with murals are used to create this rustic motif.

click to view full size and more info I recently painted these rooms with "butterfly" motifs. Here you see faux texture, murals and sculpture together

Click here to see more New "Fern Pattern" faux wall texture

Plain laminate cabinets painted to look like wood, at fraction of cost of real wood.Gale Force Creations Scenic Artist painter murals interior and exterior painting contractor 20 years experience

Aquarium scenery with underwater structures and rock formations, custom designed for any habitat, using only certified nontoxic materials. props and displays, click to see more

Superficial termite damage filled, matching color, grain texture, result is undetectable repair, saving thousands! props and displays, click to see more

Damaged stone replacements, in epoxy resin, more durable, matches existing perfectly, adjusting for stains, UV fading. props and displays, click to see more

Reproduction antique chair with faux finish wood grain and aging.props and displays Miami Beach South Florida, click to see more


Murals and faux wood treatment on tables for the free roaming cat play room at Broward Animal Shelter


Painted Floor Treatments
Stunning custom painted effects at an economical price. Featuring newest clear protective finishest hat rival vinyl in durability and ease of maintenance. A one of a kind custom look for about the cost of "run of the mill" vinyl flooring.
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click to view full size and more info Ethereal, best describes this ceiling treatment. Combined with effect of the lighting fixture, this small foyer becomes a stunning focal point

Faux painted marble texture finish For cast columns will match your interior colors perfectly every time
click to view full size and more info

Tromp L'oeil Murals
click to view full size and more info

Brick Face Stucco process is applied to drywall. Looks so real you'd think you were in Chicago!

Metal doors
painted to look like wood Have the warm look of wood without the maintenance problems of real wood.


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This is a jungle room mural with a very happy little jungle boy!

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Childrens room motifs
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References available upon request.